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The work place with all it's unique needs calls for an intuitive approach to how it's space is planned; design that borrows heavily from nature, what is around us, to make spaces as comfortable as a walk in the park... well, hoping there are no hungry lions lurking in the tall grass!!.. :-)

Developing your office interior will be fun as we work on the possibilities; Private spaces, taking advantage of the unique views in your office, maximizing on the colour scheme, unique approach to lighting, 'mad' partitions, high-end finishes, space maximization........the list can be quite long.....

We'll work with you to make your interior space an experience to be in. Be it your office or home, we at Madline Concepts will work closely with you to develop a concept for your interior.
You may request concepts for your office or home either in sketch form or as CAD render works. If happy, the project will proceed.


Above is a 3Ds Max quick render for a client showing the basic colour scheme proposed.

Madline Concepts contracts only the best artisans, technitians, carpenters, welders, painters etc, in the region so that the designs come out super when finaly built!

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